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Corsair’s K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


The history of Corsair has been to design PC peripherals. Nevertheless, Corsair is also an expert in designing mechanical keyboards that can help both veteran and newbie gamers. The quality of products designed by this franchise has increased in popularity over a short period.
The K70 LUX RGB is one of the best mechanical keyboards the company has created in recent times. Buyers can find the product in three different forms namely Red, Brown, or Cherry MX Blue. If you are looking for a reliable mechanical keyboard, then give the Corsair K70 LUX RGB a try.


The chassis of this mechanical keyboard in the open and operates with a loud switch. There is no plate attached to the design of this product like in other mechanical keyboards such as Zalman ZM-K900M and Logitech G610 Orion. It can also deliver audible sound if well-regulated.


Some people can consider this product heavy due to its 1.2kg weight. It has a light brushed aluminium plate that can be found on the upper section of the product. Another with this mechanical keyboard is that you will not find any upper panel. The flexibility of the keyboard is only noticeable lightly when twisted.


The switches of the product can be found in a plethora of fashions. This can be found in the likes of Blue, Brown and Cherry MX RGB. Most these switches are linear and light. The low actuation force and linear action makes the product great for gamers. The stiff chassis makes the keys feel firm to see and notice. When you are gaming with this keyboard, it brings such a great feel and joy.


Using the CUE2 features will in personalising the backlighting of the product. The software that comes with the product is an excellent source for customisation. It is a great idea for you to make use of the software section of this product.

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The RGB lighting remains a great feature of the K70 LUX and can be customized to your desire. This is where the product’s software comes into play. The software will help to personalize the RGB lighting without any difficulties. The RGB lighting can provide you with a gamut of effects. This can either be Visor, Rainbow Wave, Spiral Rainbow, Type lighting, color pulse, color shift, color wave or even rain.


One is certain about the K70 LUX RGB – it is well-design. It has a sleek appearance and can be found with a plethora of switches. The product also displays additional gaming features that will benefit gamers. Among the great gaming features of the product are textured keycap and a high polling rate.

It comes with variable-height and a cable cutter. It may be expensive for some people, but the product is worth the price. When considering the tons of features the product offers, you can be sure of investing in the right mechanical keyboard. It also has waterproof to prevent the keyboard from external damages.