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A Simple Guide to watch Movies on Mobile app

Technology can be both gifting and confusing at the same time. With so many advancements in technology many people are left behind, especially our elders. Elders have worked manually all their lives and have used telephones. Using a mobile phone itself is a big thing for them let alone getting new features. So their kids should help them. But in case your kids are not there and there is no one to teach you how to use the apps do that mean you cannot do it yourself? No, when you can fight the world and face the hardships for your family then you can do this on your own too. So if you want to watch a movie then you do not have to wait for someone else to do you a favor. We have sorted and made a list of free movie apps for Android. Just download and install movie streaming apps on your smartphones.


These movie streaming apps are time saving, cost effective and easy to use. One such app is ShowBox. ShowBox App allows flawless movie streaming for free. You can also look for any music video or reality show or TV show on this app. These apps make all of our lives easier. You just have to learn to use it. Another amazing movie app is MovieBox. It is invigorated by some striking features. There are many ways to learn how to use it. You can read it online or watch on YouTube. Just take the first step.  Here is a simple guide –

  1. Open your mobile and firstly just swipe down on our mobile. A small menu appears. Click on Mobile Data or just Data. This turns on your internet.
  2. Now go to Menu. From there click on Chrome or UC browser or any browser that you have.
  3. When Google search appears you have to type ‘ShowBox movie app’ or ‘MovieBox App’ and click search. Both these apps are user-friendly so you will be able to use them easily. These apps will show you all the movies that you want to see and also all the TV episodes that you want to see. You can download movies for free and connect your device to your TV to enjoy the movie on a bigger screen.
  4. Then the browser will show you many options. Click on the one that will say ‘free download the ShowBox/MovieBox APK file’. Then click on the download link and wait for a download to complete.
  5. Then go to your File Manager and go to Download folder. Click on the downloaded and file and installation will occur.
  6. Now the app has been installed. Go to the menu and click on the app.
  7. You will see many options. Go to the Search Option and write the name of the movie you want to see.
  8. The app will show you the movie. Click on the movie to see if this is the movie you were looking for. If yes then click on the Download option or if you want to see it just once then click on Play Now.